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Other Services

When building the perfect itinerary, there are sometimes services we aren't able to include in your package.  Those can range from flights to rental cars to travel insurance.  On this page, I will list a few links that you can explore to get these services on your own.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance or trip protections is often available from the vendors who we book your trip.  Since being an insurance salesman is not what I got into the travel industry to do, I will try to provide all information about an insurance plan as possible but will not guarantee any particular set of circumstances will be covered. 


I highly encourage you to explore the specific plan and make your determination if the additional cost offsets any potential loss.  Travelex is one of many vendors who have a high rating according to U.S. News and World Reports and

Park, Sleep, and Fly

Certain times, we'll find a better deal if you don't fly from the airport nearest your home.  Perhaps, you don't want to get up at the crack of dawn (or earlier!) to catch an early flight out.  It might be beneficial to find a hotel that offers a park, sleep, and fly service.  You'll get a pre-night hotel stay, parking for the duration of your trip, and transfers to and from the airport as part of the package.  

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