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  • What if I already booked my trip but want your help?
    Depending on how and when you booked your trip, we might be able to take over the reservation. It is specific to each vendor so don't waste time contacting us so we can see if your trip can be handled by our agency. If you booked with another agency, unless you are unsatisfied with their service you're receiving, we request that you carefully consider moving your business for that trip to our agency. Someone at that agency worked to provide your quotes and completed your booking so unless you complete the trip with them, they won't be compensated.
  • How do I get a quote?
    It's simple to start the process planning your vacation with us. Email or call us. We'll need an idea of how many adults and children (including the kid(s) ages), as well as where and when you want to go. You can also click the button above and complete the form. We will be in touch with you soon.
  • What if I find a cheaper price than you quoted me?
    Please offer us the opportunity to see WHY that price is cheaper. It's possible you have looked at a different room category (garden view vs. ocean view), forgotten to add transfers to the resort, or neglected to include gratuities. The most common reason a price is different is because there was a drop in the cost of flights between the quotes. Flight prices are regulated by the airlines and completely out of our control. If there is truly a lesser price, I'll encourage you to book it yourself.
  • Can you get me a cheaper price than I found online?
    It depends. Many companies price-control their products and very often, we will get you the exact same deal you find on their consumer website. For some destinations, after we book your trip, we are able to save money when your destination offers a promotion or price drop. These sometimes come in the form of future travel credit and other times, it's a refund back to your original form of payment.
  • Do you book flight-only reservations?
    Most airlines don't contract directly with agents to make flight-only reservations so this isn't an option with our agency. Those are best booked directly with the airline's consumer website. If you are planning a resort destination, cruise, or a stay in a major US destination (Los Angeles, NYC, Hawaii, Las Vegas, etc), we can almost always create a package that will include resort and flights. Sometimes, we have the option to add a rental cars, transfers, and excursions.
  • How do I pay for my trip once I've decided to book?
    Once you've decided on a package, I'll let you know the deposit and final payment due dates. I'll collect your payment information (credit and debit cards are great) and then process that payment on a secured website. The payment will appear on your bill as a charge to the destination - for instance Walt Disney Travel Company, Unique Vacations, or Royal Caribbean. Dillon Travel Agency will never charge you directly.
  • Why wouldn't I just book my trip using the internet?
    You certainly could. Or, for the cost of NOTHING, you can take advantage of our knowledge planning and booking trips. It's a tough lesson to find out the airport code ORD isn't Orlando! A simple mistake like this can be avoided. Also, having a real person to contact in the unlikely event something goes sideways is invaluable. We will monitor our vendors promotions and discounts and if something is issued that we can apply to your reservation to save you money, we'll do it!
  • How do you decide what destinations to recommend?
    It's a grueling process, but we travel to many of these destinations to see first-hand how the seafood and cocktails taste, if the water is clear, and what the view is from a particular ship. Many times, you'll see our research posted on social media and it looks like we're "just on vacation." Trust me, we are trying to personally vet each product we recommend. It's tough, but someone has to quality-check all these resorts, theme parks, and cruise ships. When we haven't been able to personally try it out, we rely heavily on the comments of our clients and also even check the reviews online.
  • How much do you charge to plan and book trips?
    Our help is completely FREE! When you allow us to book your trip, we get paid after you travel by the destination you visited (theme park, cruise line, or resort). A small commission comes to us as a thank you for recommending their destination and helping you navigate the planning and booking process while answering your questions along the way.
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