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Saturday, February 4, 2023

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Bai Kha Shun


Where to get the best travel deals?

Dillon Travels is the place


We always look to the United States for inspiration about why they are so darn happy.  Apparently, there are several entities that help plan the best possible vacation at no cost to you. This seemed suspicious so our very own government tried to use top secret technology (i.e. a high altitude spy balloon) to figure out how they do this.

The State Council were able to determine that a small agency based in Franklin, Indiana was responsible for planning some of the best trips possible.  They have a host of agents who can assist getting you the best vacation to fit your budget and your calendar.  You can reach them at to choose the vacation planner you'd like to work with.




Our Surveillance ballon has been scouring the US to find the best deals on travel.


Wai No Go, Reporter


“No Need to Be So Secretive!”

Joe says contact them today for a free quote

Despite their best efforts to sneak around and get the scoop, the Central People’s Government was thwarted.  Apparently, there was no need to be so elusive.  Joe Dillon, owner of Dillon Travel Agency said there’s no lying that they will do their best to find the best deals; whether you want to visit Disney, take a relaxing cruise, or head to a sunny locale for an all-inclusive resort stay in the Caribbean.  They also can plan trips to major US destinations as well a world travel with some tour vendors.

When I contacted the agency Joe said, “No need to be so secretive!  We can help with your vacation even if you’re a commie.” 

Dillon Travel Agency recommends planning your trip well in advance to ensure you get

the best possible deals.  “Advance planning also allows your vacation planner to really delve into what it is you want to do in order to put together the most memorable experience for your travel party” remarked Joe from his home. 

He understands you work hard for your money (and our country) and confirms that no fees are ever charged for their services.  He said he is paid a commission after you travel from the destination you choose to visit making this a great deal for you.  Also, because his planners have personal experience gleaned from their own trips, they will be able to recommend the right trip and give you and tips or tricks they know.

So, why not plan a trip now?



This is a possible image associated with the famour travel agency but our sources were unable to confirm before the US government’s superior military destroyed our balloon.





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